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ONLINE ENTRY FORM - Note only 1 horse per form

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Ecaho affiliated no.

  • International B-Show: 075-2020/SE
  • Aljassimya Amateur Challenge: 076-2020/SE

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  • Please fill out all required boxes.
  • Only 1 horse per each online registration.
  • Remember to email a copy of registrationpapers to: show@scandinavianopen.se
  • Remember to fill out the Total Booking Form - Booking and payments.
  • Order your VIP Table, ticket for Breeders Dinner etc on the Total Booking Form.

To enter Aljassimya Amateur Challenge, please follow these guidelines:

  • Registrer you and your horse online:


  • In addittion, you can download AJF entry (PDF) and send by email to: 

  • When you have your Qualifikation from AJF, you can enter your horse to Scandinavian Open Championship - Aljassimya Amateur Challenge.

  • NOTE: Scandinavian Open Championship can not registre your entry without Qualification from Aljassimya Amateur Challange.

All you need to know attending the European Breeders Trust Foal Class:

    • Regardless of who signs this entry-form, the registered owner or current lessee of the horse will be primarily regarded as the person responsible and liable for the horse with regard to the jurisdiction of ECAHO.

    • ECAHO officials are acting on behalf of ECAHO and therefore are not personally liable for any acts, omissions or decisions undertaken in good faith in connection with their duties.

    • ECAHO as an organization is not liable for any physical and/or material damages occurring at the showground. It is strongly advised that those who sign entry forms on behalf of any owner or lessee, inform them of these clauses as it may change their perception of liability in the past.
    AAC 16 - Trail in hand
    AAC 17 - Trail ridden
    AAC 18 - Novice Western Pleasure
    AAC 19 - Novice Hunter Pleasure
    AAC 20 - Novice Classic Pleasure
    No conflict
    Mrs. Marianne Tengstedt
    Mrs. Anna Stefaniuk
    Mr. Koenraad Detailleur
    Mrs. Mia Ekström
    Mr. Benny Freme
    Mr. Peter Birch
    Mr. Pekka Paakkonen

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