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Scandinavian Open Championship

International B-Show | Aljassimya Amateur Challenge | EBT Future Stars | Gelding Classes



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Live Stream Main Sponsorship



Sweden Arabian Stud

A - 1/2 First Sponsorship

Bränninge Arabian Stud

B - 1/2 Second Sponsorship


Romele Araber

Fillies 1 year old

Fillies 2 years old

Fillies 3 years old

GH Al Shamal Arabian Stud - Tommaj Ghanvatizadeh

Colts 1 year old

Colts 2 years old

Colts 3 years old

Tarenas Arabian Stud

Mares 4-6 years old

Lönholt Estate

Mares 7-10 years old

Mares 11+ years

Sven Svensson & Lise Egeland-Svensson

Stallions 4-6 years old

V-Flowers & Karthago Arabians - Family Jerre

Stallions 7-10 years old

Stallions 11+ years


Yearling Fillies

Yearling Colts

Junior Mares

Junior Stallions

Senior Mares

Sollidens Hästsport

Senior Stallions

Graham Smith

Geldings - Classes & Championship

Aljassimya Amateur Challange

Aljassimya Amateur Challenge


The European Breeders Trust Foal Competition

European Breeders Trust


Flower bouquets for all Gold Champions

Sinus Arabian Stud

Flower bouquets for all Gold Chamions

Wine for the Show - 2 packages

Package A

Package B

Friday Welcome Party

VIP General Sponsoring

Package A - Small - 4 packages

Package A1

Package A2

Package A3

Package A4

Package B - Medium - 4 packages

Package B1

Package B2

Package B3

Package B4

Package C - Large - 2 packages

Package C1

Package C2

Scandinavian Open Championship

  • International ECAHO B-Show

  • Aljassimya Amateur Classes

  • European Breeders Trust Foal Classes

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